I'm Naomi and I make comics and Illustrations. I'm currently creating "Moonsprout Station," a queer fantasy comic about growing community and relationships while exploring and studying a world full of islands floating in the sky. I'm also an artist for the new video-game company Ododon Games.

I believe comics can be used to tell almost any kind of story, but the ones I like most open you up to an emotion or narrative that is all new, or give you a closer look than you had before.
Over the past 3 summers I've been on panels to talk about transgender characters in fiction, and every year the crowds have gotten bigger, the conversations growing in energy.
Gender, sex positivity, food production! There are so many more voices and stories with comics waiting for them. I hope I can tell some more.

Before moving to Portland, I translated and designed books for Manga University, like the "Kanji de Manga" language learning series and the ALA Top 10 "The Manga Cookbook."

In Tokyo, I helped run Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School, and kind of accidentally started a film-fixing and TV production company with fashion + travel journalist La Carmina. You can read all about the shows we've done on her site!

My paintings have been shown at exhibitions in Portland, Hong Kong, and Tokyo.