Comic page 11 posted July 16, 2018

I spent a good deal of my time today working on getting this one posted, so I'm left a little bit blank on what to say about it. Oh, I know! One thing you might be wondering about on this page is what that area is to the left of the tree (the actual one, not the fantasy one in panel 3), with the painting and pile of blankets. It's a bed-time area!

In addition to being one of Moonsprout's oldest pubs, the Bitterrose can host a few guests in the back rooms accessible from this hallway. The bed-time area is where guests can stock up on blankets (during cold seasons) grab some soothing tea (that's what is in the little hanging box) or borrow a book from the shelf. I wonder who rates the books as good-to-read before sleep?

I also want to share a spectacular comic that I read this week: "In Search of Water-Boiled Fish by Angie Wang". It would be a disservice for me to try and summarize why it's so good, and anyway it might be better if you are surprised - just go read it!