Comic page 3 posted November 12, 2018

I created this side-story (and the new crow character) primarily on trains and planes so I didn't spend quite as much time thinking about hats as I would like to for a main character design. There might need to be a fashion show later.

This is a little behind the scenes, but I'm adding a scheduled post feature to the Moonsprout site so that I can upload a comic in advance, and have the website post it automatically on Monday. When I do this, I also have to choose what time I want the page to change over. My feeling is that "vaguely morning time," say 5am PST, would be early enough that some folks could check it before work, but I could also just have it kick over at midnight the night before.
I know that there have been one (or maybe more) times that I've been up late at night procrastitrying to get something done when I realized I could check a webcomic after midnight to see if it has updated...🌒 But on the other hand I likely won't be able to post the comic on social media at that time, and I like being able to have those things happen at roughly the same time. Anyway, please let me know what you think about scheduling, the comic, or the last tasty bread you had.