Comic page 5 posted November 26, 2018

What is the line for you between going out in pajamas and getting dressed before heading out-doors? We've got to leave the house and go into a side door to do the laundry, so sometimes if I'm not dressed yet I'll hop down from the porch and around the house in my PJs.

A couple of non-laundry related housekeeping notes!

  • I fixed a bug on the website that allowed the user to scroll horizontally on comic pages when you're only supposed to see a tiny snippet of the next page.

  • This isn't really something anyone can "see" per se, but I am working on a scheduled posting feature to the website so that some pages that I've been able to post in advance will go live right on Monday at midnight. This won't happen every time or anything, so I'll try to post on Sunday evening if there will be a midnight post.