Comic page 9 posted December 24, 2018

I've spent a lot of time thinking about Mapel and Wyende's house, If you've been reading from the beginning, there's a part where we see Mapel in their lofted bedroom on page 3. But I hadn't drawn the house from the outside until this mini story. I drew this story on the train, so I was lucky to look at a bunch of actual houses in the Japanese countryside while I was coming up with the drawing.

I wanted to get this story drawn quickly while traveling, so I didn't spend as much time figuring out the house plan as usual. One day, I'll probably want to do an architectural map or even a 3d model of the house when it's featured more, so I reserve the right to make some changes at that time! As long as it's ok with Wyende and Mapel.

Wyende (the person Mapel lives with) hasn't actually been in a Moonsprout scene yet, but I drew them lots while figuring out the first story, so if you're curious, you can see images of them on my instagram.