Comic page 10 posted December 31, 2018

It's the last Moonsprout post for the year! Even though Moonsprout Station launched officially in fall of 2017, I started posting regularly this year and I posted 21 pages in 2018. I really want to thank everyone who has been reading along so far, as well as people who have picked up prints at conventions, and of course folks who have left feedback and comments on this site and social media. It feels great to know when someone is enjoying the story or feels connected to a character.

If you're interested in next year's goals for Moonsprout Station, I'm planning to finish the current main story, Only Echoes and do a 30+ page print for conventions and stores in Spring of 2019. All in all, I hope to double my output of finished pages next year, and I'm also working on a small travel book about my trip to Shizuoka this Summer. It's a bit too early to post the 2019 convention schedule, but I'll make a page for it once we start to have dates.

Thank you again!