Comic page 11 posted January 07, 2019

I spent some time out of town (in Pittsburgh!) over the last couple of weeks so I feel like welcoming everyone back. Even if you didn't go anywhere during the holidays I hope you got some time to rest and cozy up with an enjoyable story or video game (or friend!?? 😊).

This page wraps up the "Foggy Mountains" minisode with Sidra the mail-bird, but next I'll be posting some of the "letters" Mapel got from me: drawings of things I saw while traveling in Japan and Thailand this Summer! These will go up over the next two weeks before coming back to the current Moonsprout Story "Only Echoes" with Mapel and Anise at the Bitterrose pub. If you're a new reader, or just need a refresher on what's going on in that story, you can read it from the beginning here, or click the "First" button above.