Comic page 03 posted January 21, 2018

Enjoy your new word from the Moonsprout dictionary: Wubblegloo!
Try using it in an email today. This comic would seriously not exist without podcasts. One time maybe I will do a list of all the ones I listen to and how they contribute to a finished page! In the meantime, if you have a favorite creative podcast or just one with stories you like, let me know in the comments.

I've been taking a Twitter break this month, but I do want to make sure folks have a place to say hi. I have started using Mastodon, but if there are any other budding socials (where you can avoid content from hate groups) you are excited about, please leave a comment about that too.

If you're wondering where you are or want to know more about Mapel or Moonsprout Island or just want to see some drawings of animal
skeletons, please find me on Instagram. Thanks for reading!