Comic page 16 posted October 23, 2018

This update is a little bit unusual. Over the past couple of weeks I took a break from regular updates and rewrote the remainder of the current story. In order to get everything to fit as I planned, I had to change page 14 which I'd already posted. So, while this is a new page, it is instead of the page 14 that was here before. It wasn't easy to toss a completely finished page out, but it felt worth it in order to hop avenues towards the new story structure.

Next week, I'll be starting a mini story that I drew while traveling in September before going back to this main one. But, in the meantime let me know if you have any questions for Mapel or Anise (or anyone else I can call without bothering them).

I don't usually like to add to a post with other things I did that you can look at (but I'm kinda' going to). This week has been particularly tough on trans and non-binary people in the news. I did a little write up here to say that we aren't going anywhere and suggest a few ways you could help out trans and non-binary people and communities, but even if you don't check that, I urge you to reach out in your own circles and support the trans and non-binary people in your life and the creators you follow. 🌈💙💜

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