Comic page 18 posted March 04, 2019

First, thank you to everyone who answered my "Comics Question Time" post on social media. If you are interested in helping me get feedback on subscription content. Through the comments, I found that many readers didn't know how to start from the beginning of Moonsprout Station and read the whole thing. I'll be adding a "start from the beginning" button soon, but in the mean time, you can always go to page 1 on this website and click the page itself to flip to the next one (the pages are all numbered at the bottom).

Everything on Craft Table B is, at least loosely, based on real brewing equipment. It's usually pretty fun to do visual research on things like that, but in a pinch I think I tend to over-rely on the internet. Living in Portland, I have no shortage of access to books about making beer, but let me know if you have any good references about brewing history, especially from non-western perspectives.

I'm currently visiting family in LA and was getting beer for guests to drink (I will definitely share), my mom had some questions about lagers/ales and if they too are considered beer. I replied that yep, lagers and ales along with, stouts, pilsners, porters, dubbels, tripels, barleywines, and others are all considered beer, and I became suddenly, alarmingly aware of how much beer info has wafted into my brain since I moved from Portland. Before that I was living in Japan and wasn't fully sure that beer was even good.

This is already too much info for more story time, but remind me one time to tell you about when I saw my last name (not a Japanese name) in a Japanese beer ad.

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