Comic page 28 posted May 13, 2019

Event news!
I want to let you all know that I will be at Queers and Comics at the School of Visual Arts in New York city. It's a two day conference that's basically all panels and discussions with queer creators of sequential media. There are a ton of great panels to check out, and I will be on one the morning of Saturday the 18th (at 9:30am, coffee in hand) called "Robot Love is Queer."
The panel is about gender in robot/synthetic characters - it's something I never get tired of talking about, so I feel lucky to be discussing it with a group of creators: Kori Michele Handworker, Eric Alexander Arroyo, Blue Deliquanti, Lawrence Gullo, and Hunger M are all on the program! If you're in New York, I hope you can come by, and also don't miss Becky's panel "Creating Queer Historical Comics" at 11:30 on Friday, May 17th.

I also want to say thank you here to everyone who jumped in to support this comic when I announced the Patreon last week. I had been working on the Patreon campaign and post offerings for a long time without telling anyone. It was scary not knowing what would happen when I suddenly revealed the page, and it meant so much to see folks that were excited to join and share right away.

On Patreon this week, supporters get a sketch gallery, making-of drawings from this page, and a peek at a 3d model I made to help with this page. Weekly bonus content and art tools are available to all supporters $3+ and up, and includes the archive of everything I've posted so far.

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