Comic page 29 posted May 20, 2019

Another page where I don't want to say too much about the characters and their feelings, so instead I'll talk about mine 😅

Becky and I are currently in New York having just finished panels at Queers and Comcs, and I want to say so many thank yous to everyone who organized the event, paneled with us, and came up to say hi and read our books! We're both posting extensively with sketches of panels, so please checkout Becky's twitter or instagram and mine for lots of those. $3+ patreon supporters will also be getting a bundle of Conference/New York sketches this week and next!

This page was a very common combination of intimidating, and fun to plan/execute. Part of me loves putting together cluttered maps of spaces with all kinds of little details that reveal more information about the setting, but as a background designer by trade, I have to be mindful of those things taking over for the composition and flow of the story.

On top of that, perspective! So much toning! What if I get it even a tiny bit wrong? Of course I got lots of little things wrong, and early on I wondered a few times if I should start over, but Becky told me to keep going and see how I feel, and now every time I see it I like it a little more. Thank you Becky! Another great example of "done is better than perfect."

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