Comic page 32 posted June 19, 2019

This week I've been posted a few paintings on Twitter and Instagram, so if you're looking for more drawings the rest of the week, please say hello there 🍰

This week I've got another event announcement. Becky and I will be at Olympia Comics Festival this weekend:

This SATURDAY June 15th
at the Olympia Center (in Olympia Washington)
from 11am-4:30pm

This will be my second year at the convention - it has a warm, encouraging, local feel, and this time there are some incredible guest artists coming to give talks and such. Please come say hi if you're near by.

This week, on Patreon, I've posted a few more paintings as well as the digital pencils for this page, and a bunch of 3d snapshots of a background-set model I made to help with consistency and drawing tough angles.

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