Comic page 33 posted June 03, 2019

This past weekend Becky, Barry, and I went to Olympia Comics Festival, and it was as warm an energetic as we could have hoped! Thank you to everyone who came by to pickup Moonsprout Station books or just say hi, and a special thank you to the organizers for including us. Oh! I also have to thank Barry's local friends, who took us to a really tasty Korean place after - I was so hungry I forgot to take photos, but I'm hoping to draw the tofu Sundubu I had there at some point anyway.

I am also proud to announce that Moonsprout books are now being distributed by Emerald Comics Distro! Emerald is a passionate curator of independent and queer comics and, as of July this year, Emerald will be putting Moonsprout books in comic shops and booksellers up and down the pacific northwest! More on that closer to.

One more scheduling note: as of this week I've decided to shift the weekly page post to Wednesday mornings, with an early post on Tuesday mornings for Patreon supporters at any level. Thanks as always for reading!

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