Comic page 34 posted June 26, 2019

Good solstice to you! Did you spend some time outside?

On Moonsprout, the longest day of the year is marked with hillside picnics and an odd competition to try and stay up all night (it doesn't go any longer than that for health reasons). Usually a few of the younger competitors win (and maybe one older one) - the prize is dessert of course, and some pajamas. The pajamas you could win used to say "all night club," but it got embarrassing.

Event news

If you're in the Pacific Northwest and you've been wanting to check out some Moonsprout books in person, now is your chance.* I will be at Portland Indie Con this coming weekend!

Portland Indie Con (Table C5)
Saturday, June 29: 10am-8pm
Sunday, June 30: 11am-6pm

1000 NE Multnomah Street
Portland, Oregon

Indie Con is a brand new convention for Portland featuring original creator-owned content only, with a promising list of creators in attendance. Tickets are just $10 for the full weekend. This is our last convention for the Spring/Summer, so please come say hi and read some queer comics!

*Moonsprout Station books will go on sale at Portland's own "Books with Pictures" when they reopen at the end of June. So it's not like, your last chance to get books or anything. But I will sign books at conventions (and probably try to draw you in them). Just saying.

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