Comic page 38 posted July 24, 2019

End of Moonsprout Station's first story: "Only Echoes."
Thank you so much for reading. If you're new, now is a perfect time to start from the beginning and read this story all the way through.

For the next month or so while I work on new stories, I'll be posting covers and other production/extra art, so one thing I would like to do is a call for fan-art!
Do you have a favorite character and want to draw them being chased by a boulder spirit or playing in a band? Send it to me!
The only rules for fan-art submissions is that it be your own art, drawn in the Moonsprout Island world, and that it be all-ages appropriate. If you want the art to be posted in this round, please get it to me by August 5th, 2019*.

Last week La Carmina, my friend and long time captain for many Japanese translation/travel-film works, did a feature on Moonsprout Station for her website! I have been a fan of La Carmina's work for years, and her intimate coverage of fashion and international alternative scenes has often been a source of inspiration for my own art. It's a very significant feeling to see my own comic world as part of that. Thank you La Carmina!

Photo of both Moonsprout Station books, taken by La Carmina

If you aren't already a reader, please have a look at the article, and if you've been hoping to pick up a Moonsprout Station book, the article has two exclusive links (with a discount code) where you can order the books directly from me.

*Boring but probably necessary fan-art disclaimer: By submitting fan-art, you confirm that you are the creator of the derivative work you are submitting (you aren't sending in someone else's artwork as your own). By submitting fan-art, you acknowledge that you do not own any of the copyrighted characters or content from Moonsprout Station. You also acknowledge that any original work in the fan-art are not to be considered as a submission for future content in Moonsprout Station or any works by Naomi Rubin.

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