Comic page 1: Cover posted July 31, 2019

Here is the cover for Moonsprout Station's first story: "Only Echoes." It's one of the most complete images of the Bitterrose from afar, but I hope to do more sometime. I painted this image intentionally larger than the cover size I use in print so that it goes edge-to-edge and, in the print version, the image wraps around a bit to the back cover. As a Patreon only bonus I've posted the wrap-around version of the cover here.

I'm often asked about the media I used for this. The main image is an acrylic painting, done on Arches cold-press watercolor paper (I think 12" by 16"), which I then scan and add logos/text with Photoshop. I used a lot of water with the acrylic paints to get a softer look.
My dad always had acrylic paints around when I was growing up, so it just happens to be what I started painting with, but I hope to learn how to paint strong backgrounds with watercolor and gouache someday.

Oh hey! I also released a second Moonsprout Station book this year called "Foggy Mountain Letters." This book is part travelogue, part fantasy, where I wrote letters to the character Mapel about a 2018 trip to Japan and Thailand. This bonus issue is only available in print (you can buy it from bookstores in the Pacific Northwest and La Carmina's article) I posted the cover to this book (a full-color watercolor) to Patreon as a bonus as well, so please consider supporting Moonsprout Station if you want to see more paintings like this!

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