Rise of the Eagle Princess

A tower looms over the desert outside the city of Khalis. Its facade, once bright and gleaming built from factory forged irons and glass, is now deteriorated and bare.
Alaqai is a princess of the Musoolian Empire in a sweeping setting inspired by the Mongolian expansion, with the husks of strange and magical technologies of the past slowly creeping into the lives of her family and subjects. Alaqai travels the world in search of companions (and camels) to help her save her family’s legacy and fight against forces corrupting the empire.

Rise of the Eagle Princess a feminist JRPG and the first project by Ododon games. Its format is based on 90’s titles like Final Fantasy VI and Phantasy Star IV, with all kinds of modern mechanics that are unique to a journey across the steppe. Alaqai’s party is a queer, diverse cast of characters from all over the world. I designed all of the main player characters for this game, and am now making hand-drawn backgrounds for every area.

The release date for Rise of the Eagle Princess has yet to be announced, but you can follow its development on the Ododon blog.